Evening Meal Recipes

Published: 08th July 2010
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Evening Meal Recipes - And not Just Any Evening Meal Recipes

Evening and Supper Dining Recipes to make friends admire you and your family adore you.

Everyone loves complements, however the appreciating glances as well as compliments heaped upon you for the dinner you just put in front of friends and family is a genuinely special time. Especially when friends ask you for the recipe and you tell them, it's really a secret recipe from one of Americas leading dining establishments.

Just think of that! You have got something they really would like and they'll be pleased and very thankful to receive the recipe from you. Imagine them anticipating their next visit. How to win friends? Stand aside Dale Carnegie we have discovered better ways to win good friends with great food.

Oh my, it's great to make people happy. How can you make this happen? Someone's had a fantastic idea.

Enter 'America's Secret Recipes' - wish I had the thought first however Ron Douglas did the work for me.

Actually he spent five years coupled with 65,000 members of his secret recipes forum, testing his recipes while he reverse engineered the best recipes of some of America's best brands and leading dining places.


Side note

Reverse engineering is really a phrase used for taking something and disassembling it which means it can be examined or analyzed in detail to learn the concepts, components and processes (ingredients and cooking in this case) involved with manufacturing or producing it. Or even more simply put, copying it.


The end result is 2 exceptional cookbooks full of incredible recipes from your much-loved restaurants.

Not simply any dining places but Billion Dollar Restaurants Like The Cheesecake Factory®, KFC®, The Olive Garden®, PF Chang's®, Red Lobster®, Chili's®... (As well as many others)

You can actually Impress Your Family and friends using Precise Replicas of the Following Mouth-Watering Recipes:

"Applebee's® Broiled Salmon with Garlic Butter

"Ben and Jerry's® Cherry Garcia

"Cajun Cafe® Bourbon Chicken

"Cheesecake Factory® Chicken Maderia

"Hard Rock Cafe® Twisted Mac and Cheese

"Olive Garden® Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

"Red Lobster® Hawaiian Skewers

"T.G.I.Fridays® French Onion Soup

"Waldorf Hotel's® Waldorf Salad

This is only a small sample of the many recipes. You will find main dishes, side dishes, sauces, sweets.

In Ron's 2 books you will discover the cooking techniques used by top class chefs from well known restaurants and importantly you can re-create your much-loved restaurant dinners in the home for a fraction of the cost.

I think that Ron has had a genius idea, simple but what must have been a lot of hard work for him and we can all benefit from it.

Do you want to entertain friends or do you want to use recipes that will put fun back into making evening meals?

This really is no ordinary cook book, Ron has appeared on: Fox News, Good Morning America, Home Shopping Network, ABC, NBC, and People Magazine.

New York Times magazine's bestselling author Ron Douglas has revealed the most jealously protected secret restaurant recipes that have been kept faraway from the general public for a long time.

For a limited time Ron is offering his second book as a buy one get one free offer.

I believe its well worth checking out at: Secret Recipes

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